Inana - What’s in a name?

Inana (Pronounced i-NAH-nə) was a highly revered ancient goddess who was associated with love, romance, sensuality, justice, and power. She influenced the development of the Greek goddess Aphrodite.

In ancient texts Inana is often shown in the company of a lion, denoting courage. In modern days Inana is a feminine wellness product that empowers women, promotes confidence and helps them embrace romance and experience the joy of it.

Stimulate. Rejuvenate.
Hydrate. Perform

Inana utilizes natural ingredients to quickly and safely improve hydration, tone, and sensitivity to localized tissues. It can be used by women of all ages and is especially beneficial for women over the age of 40. Inana contains no hormones or stimulants.

A Specialized Formation for Her

So many products and procedures exist for male sexual health. It is the exact opposite for women. There are so few answers, and even fewer that are safe for daily use. Inana offers all women a solution that is effective, safe, practical and truly empowering to females everywhere.

More Reasons to Love Inana

Inana helps restore your confidence for intimate situations and improve the experience of physical romantic activity. Designed for enjoyable and quick sensorial experiences.

Soothing, All Natural Ingredients

Utilizes well researched, synergistic and safe ingredients

Warming + Improves Hydration

Can and should be used daily for both short term and cumulative benefits.

Clinically Tested

Backed by female health medical experts

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Your Relationship

Rekindle, Reignite, and Return to Romance

Still Unsure?

As part of the clinical study, a well known quality of life survey for female sexuality, validated by peer review, showed a significant improvement in 78% of the respondents after only 2 weeks of use

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